Quickly Learning How To Be Good With Web Design

If you are a newcomer to the topic, web design can appear to be an elusive, alien art form. What you will find once you are warmed up to the subject is that it is not as tricky as it may have seemed at first. You will be well on your way to putting together

Getting The Most From Your Web Host

There are many people trying to learn what they should be looking for when thinking about a good host for their websites as they need web hosting. It is true having a good web host is key to keeping your site up and running with great stability, check through this article and see what you

City, Uber team up to offer discounted rides on Halloween

Uber is offering free rides (up to $10) over the weekend and on Halloween. By Seattle Times enterprise producer Sometimes the most frightening Halloween costume accessory is a set of car keys. In an effort to keep drunken drivers off the road, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is partnering with Uber to offer discounted

State of the Art: A Console With Quirks, for Tinkerers

The cube runs a version of Android, Google’s phone software. That’s no coincidence; its guts are about what you’d find in a phone or tablet. Photo The Ouya gives humorous status messages and offers 200 video games to owners, like Final Fantasy III and Beast Boxing Turbo. It connects to your television with a single